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Skate service
– Ideally equipped

From sharpening to fitting, Hockeyshop Forster offers perfect service for your skates.

Sharpening Rates
First sharpening 12.00 € per pair
Pro-Sharp 12.00 € per pair
Heavily worn and/or rusted 12.00 € per pair
Removing toe picks   5,00 € per pick
Resharpening Pro-Sharp   9.00 € per pair
Special grinds (by appointment only)  

Rental skates are resharpened as required. Please try the skates on first!


Fitting/services (by appointment only) Rates
Removing pressure points 5.00 € per pair



Ice hockey Rates
Removal of holder rivets 15.00 € per pair
Removal and reattachment of same holder (without holder) 40.00 € per pair
Removal and attachment of holder with welding (without holder) 55.00 € per pair
Fitting of copper rivets   5.00 € each
Fitting of hollow rivets   2.00 € each
Replacement of hooks and eyelets   5.00 € each


No card payment possible - Cash payment only

Status: February 2023 – Prices subject to change


+49 (0)69 941 41 11




Opening time for sales

Monday – Friday 12 noon – 8:00pm *
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 9:00m to 5:30pm *

*  When the Frankfurt Löwen are playing at home, open only up to 5:30pm.


Opening times Hire and Workshop

Open throughout 9:00am–10:30 pm

– Skating not only makes you happy, but also hungry and thirsty.

Lachende Frauen mit Trinkbechern in der Hand
Currywurst und Pommes mit Mayo

Are you planning a children's birthday party or other celebrations? We offer you the possibility to reserve individual tables or even the adjoining room for your event. Please contact us. We will be happy to assist you with your planning.


Vila Gastro & Event GmbH
Herr Danny Lange

+49 (0)69 941 46 980



Opening hours

Daily 9:30-22:30h*.

* In the early and late season, our restaurant is only available when the large hall is also open for public ice skating.

No card payment possible - Cash payment only

– Events in the Frankfurt Eissporthalle

Aufnahme eines Events in der Großen Halle

Outside of the season in amateur and professional sports, the Frankfurt Eissporthalle offers an attractive setting for event ideas.


Eissporthalle Frankfurt
Am Bornheimer Hang 4
60386 Frankfurt am Main

Dieter Henning
Tel.: +49 (0)69 212 30810

E-Mail: ffm.eissporthalle-info@stadt-frankfurt.de

The following event portfolio informs you of the major dates and facts relating to Frankfurt Eissporthalle.

Will be updated soon




Innenaufnahme der großen Halle
Event in der Großen Halle

From May to the end of June, the large rink is particularly suitable for ice-free events. The activity area is completely surrounded by the grandstand. Equipment includes an electro-acoustic system as well as infrastructure to facilitate media use.



At present, Frankfurt Eissporthalle cannot offer private rental or corporate events such as Bavarian-style and conventional curling.

Curlingspieler auf dem Eis
Innenaufnahme der kleinen Halle


Luftaufnahme Außenring
Eistänzer auf dem beleuchteten Eis

The outer rink, with a curved membrane roof, is a versatile-use outdoor location and is used primarily as a training area by Frankfurt clubs, with and without ice. When hired for special events, one of a variety of floor covering options is required, with the costs to be borne by the organiser. 

– Skating for everyone

Frankfurt Eissporthalle also welcomes guests with special needs.

Ice gliders

Frankfurt Eissporthalle makes ice gliders available for wheelchair users. The device can be easily attached beneath the wheelchair. There is no need for the occupant to leave the wheelchair to get onto the ice. The ice gliders can be pushed across the rink by a companion. Alternatively, users can push themselves across the ice with the help of two sticks. 


The lift connects the external balcony with the ground floor. Visitors can access the rinks and the restaurant area unhindered, without having to do a circuit of the hall.


Visitors with a degree of handicap of 80 % or above enjoy a reduction on the admission charge (please present valid ID). Admission for their companion is free.

Eisläufer mit Kind im Rollstuhl auf dem Eis


Please reserve the ice glider before your visit to the ice rink by calling +49 (0)69 212 393 08.

Please note the following:

  • All details refer to public ice skating. No usage times can be offered in the area of club sports, as capacities are already completely exhausted.

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